2022 Thunder In The Valley fireworks spectacular parking map for Mon, 7/4/22 on the Hocking College Campus

The annual “Thunder In The Valley” fireworks spectacular is scheduled for Monday, July 4, 2022 on the Hocking College Campus. Parking is available at Hocking College, and plenty of seating is available on the fields and lots. No Parking will be permitted on Hocking Parkway or State Route 691. With construction projects on campus Hocking College has released a 2022 map for parking which is downloadable at https://tinyurl.com/22z8zm64. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the Hocking College Campus. The show can be viewed from most areas of Nelsonville as it lights up the hills of Southeast Ohio.

The Nelsonville Division of Fire is selling VIP tickets for the 2022 “Thunder In The Valley” fireworks spectacular. VIP vehicle parking passes can be purchased for $10.00. If you prefer to walk to the fireworks, you can purchase a VIP walk-in pass for $3.00 per person. Do not wait until the last minute to purchase a VIP parking pass, there are only a limited number of passes available. VIP tickets can be purchased at the Nelsonville Fire Department. The VIP area will open at 5:00PM on July 4th.

More information will be released as the event draws nearer. If you have any questions about VIP tickets, contact the Nelsonville Fire Department at thunder@cityofnelsonville.com or (740) 753-1244.