Many Athens Co Roads CLOSED Due To Flooding, 3/1/17, 4:00PM, DO NOT DRIVE THROUGH FLOOD WATERS!

Athens Co Road Closed Flooding

High water has been reported on the following Athens County roads;

  • Co Rd 1-Kimberly/Carbondale Rd
  • CR 10 – Baker Road
  • Co Rd 17-Fisher Rd
  • CR 18 – Potter Road
  • Co Rd 31-Oakdale Rd
  • Co Rd 33B-Diamond Brick Road (at the landfill)
  • CR 34 – Dutch Creek Road
  • Co Rd 38-Sand Rock Rd
  • Co Rd 68-Johnson Run Rd
  • Co Rd 15-Wood Rd
  • Co Rd 109-Beebe Rd
  • Co Rd 94A-Miners Run Rd
  • Co Rd 94-Kuhns Rd
  • Co Rd 20-Strouds Run Rd
  • Co Rd 27-Jacksonville Rd
  • Co Rd 81-Fox Lake Rd
  • Co Rd 32-Congress Run Rd
  • Co Rd 58-Frost Rd
  • Co Rd 100-Rhoric Rd
  • Co Rd 93-Truetown Rd
  • Co Rd 2-Connett Rd
  • Co Rd 24-Harmony Rd
  • Co Rd 49-Joy Rd
  • Co Rd 4-Glen Ebon
  • Co Rd 19-Hebbardsville Rd
  • Athens TWP Rd 242 – Luhrig Rd
  • Athens TWP Rd 31 – Ervin Rd, at CO RD 19 Intersection

Do not drive into high water, TURN AROUND, DON’T DROWN!! Please avoid these areas.


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Nelsonville is a city in northwestern Athens County, Ohio in the Appalachian Hills of Southeast Ohio.
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