Wayne National Forest Children’s Educational Program Features Animal Courtship/Mating Rituals, Sat, 2/7 at 10AM


Love is in the air here on the Wayne National Forest and the Wild Weekend Discovery Series is a great way to discover the different way animals attract and court each other!

Come explore the amazing world of Animal Courtship on Saturday, February 7th, 2015 at the Wayne National Forest Headquarters located off US Hwy 33 between Nelsonville and The Plains.

Learn all about how certain animals attract mates and pair up for their mating season! Bird songs and bird dances will be the highlight of the program! We will have a bird mask craft for everyone to make, then we will discuss different songs, flight patterns, and “dances” bird use to attract mates. There will be a bird mating game that will be fun and exciting for everyone!

Bring your children and enjoy this free fun-filled educational program that’s designed for preschool to 5th grade. This is a one hour program that starts at 10 a.m. If seats fill up quickly, we may have an additional session at noon.

Space is limited to 15 seats per session, so please pre-register by calling (740) 753-0101.

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