Nelsonville creates City of Nelsonville Historical Marker Committee to help celebrate Nelsonville’s rich heritage

The City of Nelsonville is pleased to announce the creation of the City of Nelsonville Historical Marker Committee.  Previous Code Officer Becky Barber engaged volunteers interested in Nelsonville history as a committee to research and apply for historical markers communicating Nelsonville’s rich heritage. 

The first application was submitted May 1, 2022 to the Ohio History Connection to honor Nelsonville native Elias McClelland Poston who established the first alternating current generator west of the Alleghenies in 1888 to light homes on East Columbus Street. 

The review process could take up to a year for the downtown Nelsonville marker.  Committee members are Lorinda LeClain, Betty Jo Parsley, John Hartley, Linda Westfall, Mary K. Walsh and Scott Frank.  The committee welcomes suggestions for future applications.