Nelsonville Code Enforcement Office conducting exterior property and grass inspections this week

The City of Nelsonville Code Enforcement Office is notifying Nelsonville residents that exterior property and grass inspection are being conducted this week. The City has identified concentrated inspection areas where inspections of property will be performed in a proactive, more systematic manner. Inspections result from complaints received from the public.

If a complaint is filed and valid, a violation notice will be issued to the owner. If violations exist, a violation notice is issued giving the property owner time to make corrections. If violations are not corrected in consultation with the Department of Law, legal proceedings can be initiated against the property owner.

Common Code Violations:

  • High Grass and Weeds – Weeds and grass should not exceed eight (8) inches in height.
  • Garbage and Debris Accumulation – Such as paper, trash, garbage, waste, rubbish, refuse, junk, scrap materials such as automobile, trailer or vehicle chassis, parts or sections, or scrap iron, old metal, rope, bottles, lead pipe, paper, rags, stoves, furniture, or other waste materials which is or may become noxious, offensive, injurious, or dangerous to the public health, comfort, or safety.
  • Inoperable, Junk or Unlicensed Vehicles – Such as junk, inoperable motor vehicles and vehicles with expired registration May not be stored outside in the open must be in a completely enclosed building (not a tarp or vehicle cover).
  • Vehicle Parking – Vehicles parked in residential areas should be on hard surface i.e. concrete, asphalt, paver surface, not on grass.
  • Accessory Structures – Fences, sheds, accessory buildings, and structures shall be maintained structurally sound and in good repair. 

Please contact Becky Barber, Code Enforcement Officer, if you have any questions or concerns. 8:00- 4:00 pm Monday/Friday (740) 753-1314 or