Nelsonville Code reminder, grass and weeds must be kept 8 inches or less, 4/1/21 to 10/31/21, violation minor misdemeanor

The City of Nelsonville Code Enforcement Office wants to remind Nelsonville residents that noxious weeds, vines or grasses growing a height of eight (8) inches or higher upon property, within the City of Nelsonville after the first day of April of each year are a public nuisance and that at all times the accumulation and deposition of garbage, refuse, rubbish, special rubbish and litter on public or private lands, dead or dying trees, broken or fallen branches and plants or shrubbery blocking visibility or encumbering access, are obstructing the view of vehicular traffic on public streets, alleys or grounds, are obstructing pedestrian travel on public sidewalks, are obstructing light from a public street lamp, are so dead, decayed or broken as to pose a threat to life or property or where trees or limbs have already fallen constitute a public health and safety hazard and public nuisance or any other vegetation of rank growth including, but not limited to, ivy, poison ivy, Virginia creeper, Japanese knotweed and bamboo.

The penalty for violating section shall be deemed guilty of a minor misdemeanor and fined as provided by Ohio Revised Code §2929.28. Each day’s violation shall constitute a separate offense. Any person initially convicted of a first offense and found guilty of a second and subsequent offense in the same year shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor of the fourth and escalating degree for each additional offense.   

The Code Enforcement Officer will continue to enforce the requirements of these Code sections. A resident who is given a Notice of Code Violation will have 10 days to comply with the Notice. Failure to comply with the Notice will result in a Civil Citation and a summons to appear in City of Nelsonville Mayor’s Court.

Please contact Becky Barber, Code Enforcement Officer, if you have any questions or concerns. (740 753-1314 or