Nelsonville trash & recycling container delivery started, if container not received by Mon, 4/5/21 please call 740 753-2151

CORRECTION – The City of Nelsonville is pleased to announce that trash and recycling container delivery has started by Athens Hocking Recycling and Refuse.  The trash and recycling container supply will be arriving in the City over the remainder of this week.  If your neighbor received a trash and recycling container and you did not it is likely that they are out of the size you ordered and yours will be delivered as soon as they are available.  If you have not received your trash and recycling container by Monday, April 5, 2021 please contact the City at (740) 753-2151.

REMINDER: All trash and recycling needs to be placed curbside by 6 AM on scheduled pickup days. Large items are $5 per item and will need to be scheduled ahead of time for collection and marked with a sticker. Stickers can be obtained from the utility office.