Nelsonville Code Enforcement Office reminds residents of city ordinance that outlines rules for yard and garage sales

The City of Nelsonville Code Enforcement Office wants to make the residents of Nelsonville aware that there is a city ordinance that outlines the rules for yard and or garage sales in the City of Nelsonville. We have listed those rules below.

  • No more than (4) four sales per year
  • Sales can be no more than three (3) days in duration
  • Sales can start as early as 8:00 AM and run during daylight hours only
  • Signs advertising the sale can be erected on the premises or on the public right-of-way adjacent to the property
  • Signs cannot be posted off-site on utility poles, public utilities such as traffic control panels, or on private property except with the permission of the property owner
  • Signs need to be removed after twenty-four (24) hours at end of sale.
  • Sale merchandise is limited to household and personal items and shall not include separately obtained or purchased items or merchandise where the sale of such items would constitute a business activity or otherwise constitute a business use required to be located in a commercial or industrial zoning district. 

Please contact Becky Barber, Code Enforcement Officer, if you have any questions or concerns. (740 753-1314 or