City of Nelsonville Code Enforcement Office to aggressively enforce City Code for Refuse, Rubbish, Special Rubbish and Nuisance

Nelso Code Enforcement

The City of Nelsonville Code Enforcement Office wants to make the residents of Nelsonville aware of City Code 5.02-Refuse, Rubbish and Special Rubbish and City Code 9.14-Nuisance. The Code Enforcement Officer will continue to aggressively enforce the requirements of these Code sections. A resident who is given a Notice of Code Violation will have 10 days to comply with the Notice. Failure to comply with the Notice will result in a Civil Citation and a summons to appear in City of Nelsonville Mayor’s Court.

Some of the more common Code violations are:

  •  Grass and weeds over 8 inches tall
  • Used building materials, unlicensed motor vehicles, refuse and rubbish on the property
  • Exterior maintenance of property
  • Uncollected trash
  • Appliances and furniture outside of the home
  • Automobile and truck tires outside of the home

It is the intent of the Code Enforcement Officer to assist residents in complying with the City Code and to make the City of Nelsonville a destination again!

Please contact Becky Barber, Code Enforcement Officer, if you have any questions or concerns. (740 753-1314 or