Nelsonville Police Determine Reported Threat to Nelsonville/ York Schools Not Credible and no danger to students

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The Nelsonville Police Department received information this morning about a possible threat to the Nelsonville/ York School complex. Nelsonville police officers investigated the threat immediately and determined that it was not a credible threat and there was no danger to any students or the school complex, and there was no need to place the school complex in a lock-down situation.  The Nelsonville Police Department worked closely with administrators at Nelsonville/ York schools regarding the threat.

The Nelsonville Police Department would like to thank the individual who came forward and reported the threat to law enforcement officials. Police Chief, Chris Johnson would like to remind everyone, if you see something, say something.

Social media has been active with multiple rumors concerning this threat that are untrue. Please be sure about repeating and sharing information received on social media unless you are sure it is true.  In correct and false information can create unnecessary panic and danger.