Nelsonville PD investigating and seeking information about male approaching children near Nelsonville Public Library

NelsoPD Stranger Danger Alert

The Nelsonville Police Department is currently investigating a report of a male approaching a 9 year old boy then chasing him in the vicinity of the Nelsonville Public Library on West Washington Street. The child stated that this is the second time the male has approached him.  The first incident happened on Sunday, December 10th, but not reported until now.

The suspect is described as an approximately 50 year old white male, with black hair and beard. He is described as scruffy looking with a thin build.  He is driving a gold colored van that may be a Chevrolet Uplander or a vehicle of similar features.

The description provided matches a similar report made on December 4, 2017. In this incident the suspect reportedly approached two girls (14 and 15 years of age) in the vicinity of the library.

Persons having any information regarding this suspect should contact Officer Marc VanCuren at (740) 753-1736 or email him at

Although no weapons were reported, it is not recommended you approach the suspect if seen. Gather what information you can safely and report it to law enforcement immediately by calling 9-1-1.

Nelsonville Police Chief Chris Johnson urges parents to please take the time to talk to your children about strangers and what to do when approached by a stranger.