Athens County HYPER-REACH

Athens County and the City of Nelsonville are now using the HYPER-REACH- Emergency Notification System to notify Athens County residents in emergency situations where events have occurred and special instructions to residents in a specific neighborhood are needed.  Examples of those instructions include missing persons where their life may be endangered, emergency evacuation or shelter in place instructions, or other critical life safety information.

This system will allow you to receive notifications via landline, cellular phone or e-mail by simply following the registration steps.

If you have previously registered your phone(s)/email(s) with the past system, you can register them again if you need to update the name/address. If you are unsure as to if your phone is in the database, please register. Database administrators will remove duplicate entries.

Registering the additional information in the Community Alerts option will allow your unlisted phone, cellular phone, email, and/or TDD to be notified for local emergencies and community alerts as well.

Selecting the Weather Alerts option will enable weather notifications to any phone or email address. If you opt-out of Weather Alerts, you will not receive them, even on your landline (if you enter it below).

The information provided will not be used for any purpose other than community announcements and weather alerts.

There are three (6) ways to sign up.

  1. Scan QR Code
  2. Go to:
  3. Call: 740-762-6165
  4. Text “alerts” to 740-762-6165
  5. Tell your Alexa unit “Alexa, enable Hyper-Reach”
  6. Go to: